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Fit4Jesus - Ready, Set, Let's Get Healthy!



American Heart Association's
 'Keep The Beat' Campaign









Thank You Rosedale for your dedication and commitment to the Walking Works challenge. Our church came in at 3rd Place for a prize of $500.

Continue to keep in shape over the winter. We are going to take back our 1st Place crown next year!

See Helpful Walking Tips



Ready, Set, Exercise @ 'The Dale'!

Hustle Classes -  Thursdays @ 5:30pm - Returning Soon

Chair Aerobics - Monday, Wednesday, & Friday @ 12 Noon




The 8 Dangers of Drinking Soda Pop


  1. Soda pop is the No.1 source of excess calories in the American diet.

  2. One 20-ounce bottle of regular pop can have 17-19 teaspoons of sugar and up to 290 calories.

  3. Over the course of a year, an average adult can consume the equivalent of 30 pounds of added weight simply by drinking one regularly per day.

  4. Adults who drink one or more sodas or other sugar-sweetened beverages each day are 27 percent more likely to be overweight or obese.

  5. Artificial sweeteners found in diet pop, like apartame, actually increase cravings.

  6. Soda pop contains phosphoric acid, which weakens bones and rots teeth.

  7. Aluminum cans contain a epoxy resin called Bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to infertility, obesity, diabetes and some reproductive cancers.

  8. The dyes in the soda have been linked to impaired brain function, hyperactive behavior, difficulty focusing and a lack of impulse control.


Fried Food Facts

  1. Fried food clogs the arteries leading to an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.

  2. When cooking oil is heated to frying temperatures, cancer-causing chemicals are formed and released into your foods.

  3. Eating fried food can increase the acid production in your stomach causing acid reflux.

  4. New scientific research shows that eating fried food also increases the risk of prostate cancer in men.

  5. Eating fried food increases your risk of breast, lung, pancreatic and head & neck cancers.

  6. Fried food is a huge source of saturated (awful) and trans (dangerous) fats, which raises bad cholesterol (LDL) and lowers good cholesterol (HDL).



Prayer and Weight Loss - Read More



Foods That Protect Your Heart


7 Steps For Losing Weight



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